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brightscrap asked: NIKOLO :)


Five facts about Nikolo.

  • Nikolo has 3 daughters, Clair, Annie, and Jane. He tends to favor Annie the most despite the fact that she’s the middle kid. Clair is a teenager and goes out often, and Jane is anti social and prefers hanging out with her uncle instead. 
  • Nikolo is Australian, he used to have the accent before he went on pirate adventures with his dad at age 16. 
  • As a bounty hunter, he has experience with Vampires, Werewolves, and all other supernatural creatures as well. He keeps a cross necklace around his neck that his hidden under his tight clothes, just for luck I guess. 
  • Nikolo somewhat has commitment issues, due to the lose of his fiance. He tries to avoid hooking up with girls as much and he’s very rusty when it comes to flirting. I think he attempts to flirt with women to cheer himself up when down. 
  • Out of all my characters, I think Nikolo is the hairiest man I have. Hairier than Remlo himself, which is funny lol.
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